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Every Moment
CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

Every Moment

On this day capture each and every moment,
See the beauty that surrounds you,
Allow yourself to feel every emotion.
As the sun begins to rise the black velvet of night -
slowly shows the birth of this special day - your day.
Feel the blanket of warmth as the sun embraces this - your day.
Today look beyond and see that the breeze gently moving -
the leaves on your tree - is so much more than that.
Today the trees celebrate with you,
and dance to the tune of this - your special day.
Watch as a single leaf falls to the earth,
in a motion so perfectly planned,
as it brushes a still sleeping flower,
this begins the awakening of colour and fragrance,
that fills this moment with sensations to create -
everlasting memories on this - your special day.
Listen quietly to the melody the birds are singing,
look around you at the priceless gifts that have blessed this day.
Smell the air so full of fragrance -
embrace all of this wonder - it is yours,
keep it safe in your heart and know -
this day is - your special day.
This day is all of these beautiful moments and more,
This day is your destiny.

November 13th 2004

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Charmaine, 'This day is your destiny.' Great ending and a wonderfully empowering poem! Well done! ! Brian