Every Moment Is A Moment Of Instruction

I write on time's hem, the brink of extinction,
the end ever nearer as leaders and led become madder
and fuller of power and products
None of us more than 10%
conscious and 9% rational, our species
the irrestistible error of crass evolution.

Is the mercy of dozens of hydrogen bombs
more likely to cover the Planet of Pain
than the long, cruel whimper of famine
and drought, the ruthless
destruction even of air?
we think that Creation must live only through us -
but humility is our nearest approximation to sanity.

I write, before being hurled
from the brink of extinction, poems which just a few hundred beings
in all the uncaring cosmos will read:
the beginning of wisdom's the end of our world.

by Anthony Weir

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Anthony, excellent ending! Keep writing! Brian