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Every Once And Awhile
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Every Once And Awhile

Every once and awhile,
My mind meanders to recall.
The sum of my life today,
Whether it has been worth it all?

I know this type of thinking,
Isn't healthy that I must admit.
Especially when I compare my accomplishments,
Against another man's talent.

Who we are isn't measured by what others do,
Nor is it what they think we can or cannot be.
Because if it were solely up to them to establish,
They would surely put themselves above thee.

Making peace within yourself isn't easy,
But a chore we all must accept.
Without harmony of soul within us,
We live out of time and out of step.

Perhaps the greatest gift is a sense of humor.
To laugh large when others want us to fail.
To know life's journey is much more,
Than a ship at sea without a sail.

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