Every Once In A While

Yeah..it’s really not that often
It’s not like all the time
Maybe like when the wind blows
Or one of my poems rhyme
I guess you could say “recurring”
But “constant” is not the word
It’s only when the clock ticks
Or when a sound is heard
Hmmm…I should be better at this
To explain the times I miss her
What happened to my vocabulary?
I’m all amoeba-like…go figure
So it’s only when I take a breath
And when I blink my eyes
And again when my heart does beat
Or when a baby cries…
And the more time that passes
The emptier I feel inside
You’d think my heart would harden
That by now… all my feelings had died
So I hope I fooled you when you read this
As for me…I’m in denial
I’ve convinced myself… to only miss her
Like I said...Every once in a while…

by maggie signaigo

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