Every Story Has Two Sides

Poem By Jessy Liz

'You changed your look.'

'You changed your mind.'

A nervous laugh..
A tender smile.

'Give back your jacket
Take back my ring
Gave my heart
Took everything'

'You lost that touch..'

'You lost your mind'

Turn around again
Turn back in time

Slamming doors
And slamming names
Scream and shove
Then kiss again

'Pushing you away..'

'Pushing you aside-'

Talk about our fears
Laugh about it for a while

Time has passed
Time has surpassed
Locking doors
Chapter closed at last

And all I have to say..

Is, 'You changed your look.'

'You changed your mind.'

Guess we were
Just passing time.

Comments about Every Story Has Two Sides

I love the subtleness of the ending... well done, Jessy! Brian

5 out of 5
0 total ratings

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