'Every Sunday's A Little Easter'

Every Sunday to me is Easter,
Don’t need it to roll around but once a year to see,
For I look forward to Christ’s Resurrection,
And what He gave on a cross at Calvary.

Don’t need to see the cross before me,
Or see the stone that was rolled aside.
For Christ lives within each of us,
If only we’d only allow Jesus to come inside.

To warm our hearts… to quench our thirst,
To bring us joy that no man could ever do.
To be all that He is and will ever be,
To shine His glorious love through and through!

So put on your best bib and tucker this Sunday,
And every Sunday thereafter and on,
For little Easter’s come each Sunday,
For all of God’s children everlasting to feast upon.

by Linda Winchell

Comments (2)

Marvelous poem, Linda. A truly enjoyable read, I so admired. I do hope you will read this comment and I so hope too that you will receive my message and will read that, thank you so much. God´s Blessings in Abundance. Amen. I am Sylvia Frances Chan from Poetfreak.com which was closed in the 31st of December 2016.
Sundays are for mass consumption! need we be reminded of our table manners. well done and very enjoyable.