Every Thing So Twisted

I loved you with all my heart.
But now everythings so twisted.
When we broke apart.
I still wished for your kisses.

Now cutting is getting worst.
I hate it when everythings so twisted.
It's like I've been hit with a curse.
And you were the one who did it.

Not seeing what everybody else sees.
My vision becoming more blured and twisted.
O shes a very pretty girl.
But, DEPRESSED is she, we should pay her a visit.

My life falling to pieces.
Slowly burning while twisted.
Broken in every line and creases.
And hated every bit of it.

I don't want attention.
Your thinking so twisted.
I'm not, so stop your BITCHIN.
Just walk in my shoes for a day, see how I'm living.

Fighting, Struggling everyday.
Wishing my mind could of been twisted.
Looking at me, I bet you think I'm CRAZY.
But it's really you thinking 'Every thing so twisted'

by Tiara Neal

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Another great peace of work Tiara, unfortunately life can be cruel, Take care, from Rissa: -)