Every Time

Poem By Babalola Jubril

Every time

Every time; you always got me smiling,
When we first met: I smile my body out of my soul,
Although, It was quite not a long meeting,
But that moment got me smiling every time,

Every time; when we were at school,
I was dumb and not sensitive enough,
To sense your feelings and emotions,
Instead I walk being unconscious of your feelings,
And I am sorry about that every time,

Every time; After school sessions,
We met again virtually not quite physical,
But this memories of your smile and actions,
Becomes part of me,
I smile at them every time,
They bring your picture to my mind,

Every time; you're always the one,
I couldn't forget,
The memories of us; I couldn't erase,
They live inside of me,
Every time; you're always the best for me,

Every hours with you is like a seconds,
I hope time could stop counting,
Wait for us till eternity,
Whenever I had a chance again,
To meet the most beautiful woman in the world,
I will whisper into her ears; " I Love You "
And I will always do every time.

Comments about Every Time

Maybe...... can't really tell if my poems make her happy Thank you very much... for that
here time comes like a free flying bird without any destination full of liberation!
Good one. And every time you write a love poem she loves you more and more

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