Every Time

I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been,
All because you promised me.

You talk about loyalty,
But you have none for me,
You never have,
I don’t know why I thought you’d changed.

I thought if I didn’t talk to you,
I wouldn’t care again,
But I was wrong-
I cared more.

You can not conceive
How much I hate
Myself right now.

The stories you spun, recent and old:
When you said you wanted me,
You did her.
When you needed to talk,
You called her.
When you needed to tell the truth,
You told her.
When I needed you,
You weren’t there:
Guess what-
You were with her.

You always loved her more than me,
The sad part is I don’t think you even know that.
But hey, you’re just like every other guy that talks to her,
Always throwing me out for her,
Every time I let myself care,
Every time I believed I was enough,
Every time

by angel lockheart

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