HA ( / Canada)

Every Time You Kiss Me

that first kiss,
that tingley feeling,
zinging through me,
under my skin.

i love you,
i love your touch,
i love your kiss,
i love you so much.

the first time you kissed me,
i thought i would die,
i loved you so much,
it makes me wanna cry.

tears of joy,
roll down my face,
when i look into your eyes,
and my life settles into place.

you kiss my lips,
every day,
to show me you care,
to show me the way.

you show me the way,
show me the light,
show me what i've missed,
teach me how to fight.

you love me,
you call me every night,
and i love you,
everything's alright.

but sometimes love,
is a heavy load,
i know this,
i don't need to be told.

every time you kiss me,
i still get that feeling,
the feeling of security,
and that desired zinging.

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Comments (3)

Awe: Dude this was breath taking in such littler verses, love is preformed. well done
This is pretty dude. good job!
Lovely poem about love...10