My Life Was On The Line

I should have kept you I must have lost my mind tried to explain to myself time and time again your body and appreciation of the dark gave comfort to my sin darling if you never left I would have lost you again my lustful mind and trigger like body loved to fire shots at you, lips targeted I was on a binge couldn't leave for too long conversations struck these urges mouth waters for answers you were created so perfect your powers so strong though we knew it wouldn't last our lust was like cancer this was killing me but I wanted to keep going it was best that I left believe me

by robert dawson III

Comments (4)

Sounds like modern times; old-news.
Ah, Mr. Nash, if you were still with us the material at your disposal would be endless. I think even you would have had trouble finding a beginning and an end!
It's ten times worse now, Mr. Nash. xD
Have the times changed at all? Oh Mr. Nash would be disappointed in our age, but it may have given him more material.