Child Of The Universe

I am a child of the universe,
I see into the future,
I see into the past,
And know that this time won't last,
Time rapidly moving,
Time never to stop.

I see the earth in orbit,
I see galaxies and solar systems,
Speeding along their way,
The universe a vast place,
Time rippling through time and space.

Dark matter and black holes,
Time ripples through,
Space and time,
Light never in a straight line,
And gravity distorting time,
Earth's clock not in a straight line,
When traveling across the stars,

Spaceships take us to Mars,
Man now conquering the stars,
For pulsar stars shine rapid light,
While black holes take it from sight.

Planets spin in orbit,
The sun burning into unstoppable heat,
Moons and planets hostile places,
In the not empty space,
Dark matter and dark energy,
The reason the universe sticks like glue.

Satellites travel to distant stars,
Measuring light,
And helping the mission to Mars,
For man is god of the stars.

I am a child of the universe,
I am psychic and know the world,
For I see through God's eyes,
Into a universe of magic and surprise,
Knowledge of space science,
Increasing with every year,
Astronomers, astrophysicists,
And every other type of scientist,
To uncover secrets of the universe,
And invent technology,
Man conquering space,
And man living beyond life of the earth,
An earth four billion years old,
And counting,
The dinosaurs long since gone,
And man now the boss.

by Paula Glynn

Comments (3)

another amazing poem. have you ever considered putting your poems to music? some of your works would be really nice with a guitar or piano.
wow again i loved that as well when i was younger i lost 3 friends and when ever i tried to express the way i felt i couldnt bcz it wasnt good enough but that was outstanding! ! ! good job maybe if i try maybe one day i could write like you! ! roni
Very well done, Megan!