Everyday Heroes

A presence who colours perceptions
Genuine in existence or physically nonconfrontational
Favours justice than triumphs with evil
One who is bigger than the fear
And cross the divide of silence
His dynamo of action speaks of the goodness and kindness

The other, believes in no resignation
Knows reality does not kowtow to expectation
Despite a downhill spiral
The warrior spirit does not bolt at slightest hint of trouble
A strong-minded never cease to convince
My heart to praise to such a hilt

The last one, restores a smile to the stern
A day makes brighter is never a futile effort
The flame of gladness, my gratitude, I always remembered

~Low L, L, Jasmine
P.S wrote this piece for a Q&A based contest, I must say I found
another source of inspirations to work on

by Low Li Ling Jasmine

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Really I liked this poem! ! ! It's a fantastic write! ! A lot of insights are here in this poem! ! 10++