Everyday I Die

Poem By Jade Blaydes

The feelings that I had, no longer show
I would tell you about myself, but I guess you already know.
The voices in your head have already told you.
How was my day? ha! I thought that you knew?
Am I going to kill myself? I die everyday,
And even if I do, why should you care anyway?
The only reason would be because of you and your actions
And aren't you late for your little Transactions?
And how I am such a bad person and don't deserve a life?
Hey, you've stabbed someone else, you should sanitize that knife!
Gosh, don't you even care? I could get an infection and die.
Hold on, let me go so I can clean this off, and cry.
Here would you like a better aim? Let me let you get my good side.
No, it's okay, it won't hurt! Not even my dead pride.
It's alright because the more you stab me, the worse your death will hurt.
It's not too late you can go ahead and revert!

Comments about Everyday I Die

This is exactly how I felt when I wrote The Show.
Don't die, Jade! God needs you alive - to write and to make others happy! Remember, Christ has great love for you! Blessings!

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