DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Everyday Is A Lonely Day

Nothing ever shines bright
Or even ever goes right, In my life
No one ever cared
That no one ever shared my day

As long as I keep it quite
Holed up in my mind silent
Then it will be okay
That no one ever shared my day

People push me by
Living lies, living there lives,
But its ok,
No one will ever share my day

People close there eyes
Believing the lies in the back of there mind
But here’s a truth the needs to be said
People are alive
Love is dead

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Comments (2)

oh as your other poems it's very very beautiful you're expressing your feelings very truthfuly and beautifully
you just seem to speak only the truth but i guess that is why u're a poet, a good poet! this one is also beautiful