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Poem By Edward Kofi Louis

From Sun up.
To witness some down.
Around cities and small towns.
Expect frowns.
But no one has to exchange a smile.
For it to replace,
Just to feel accepted in such places.
With this done to remove that smile,
Off their face.
Is another day everyday.

No matter what the obstacle is to face.
It will be okay.
With faith.
No matter if troubles appear to double.
It will be okay.
With faith.
Even moving through others,
As if stumbling around wanting to hit the ground.
With faith look up.
Don't follow them down.
It will be okay.
With faith kept to stay.
The only move one should make,
Is get out of the way.
And let God be God the God that Is.
To make okay what needs to be fixed.
Done to do to pray.
Is another day everyday to do this!

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