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Everyday Life
MJB (July 1,1985 / Washington, DC)

Everyday Life

Poem By Michael J. Burt

Everyday Life

we engaged in an intensive conversation
that was extensive and very complex,
so that only the deep would understand,
we explicated this
and broke apart that
dug down into the roots of each word
and all of this...while we talked
so you could only imagine what we thought

we talked about a Queen of Poetry,
and her bruising honesty,
faith and why we have it for something we cannot see,
the love that we have for so many,
the trust we put in strangers each day,
and how crazy this world really is

then we began giving our opinions on

the judgmental beings and the pain they cause,
the uncertainties day by day,
risks we take,
decisions that end fatally,
help we don't give, but all the time expect,
why trash fills our streets,
how exhaust takes over the air,
soldier’s lives we do not spare,
and the trees we kill to write

i'm guilty
so you are guilty
and we are guilty for the actions of everyday life
guilty for who we choose to lead us,
guilty for just being who we are.
acceptance is easy to accept
but difficult to receive,

so we got that off of our minds
then relaxed watching the sunset

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