Everyday's Summer

when you peek to the outside air again,
it's still summer.
the vast blue sky and lingering singing
of the crickets,
you can tell that I don't want to go outside too,

the field's brown, and the Sun is alive
embracing you who walks under a straw hat
I'll be sad to know that
crystals of sweat drip from your fine skin

don't come to me, today
don't come to me, tomorrow too
the heat haze of a summer's day's too cruel for the fragile you

the endless tune of cricket's song,
adorned with the calm greetings from the sudden breeze
to you whom I dear, little that I know
you have already fallen in love
with the 'summer days' along your everyday route
you will come again today
for that I could never tell you not to

just to invite me
we will watch the dazzling beauteous sunset together again

by Julia and V

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