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Everyday Someone Feels Betrayed
( / Connecticut)

Everyday Someone Feels Betrayed

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Everyday accusations are made,
To place the blame on others...
When 'our' quality of chosen life to live,
Has become affected by those choices we choose.
And everyday accusations are made,
When our selfish ways are violated.

Everyday expectations are raised,
That our entitlements should be kept protected...
As exceptions no one should neglect.
But neglect to respect others as a choice we choose,
We do.
To then expect others should be held accountable,
For those things done to us...
That the use of common sense could have long avoided.

~The mirror reflects,
That which is kept in front of it.
No matter who wishes to impress,
With an image to address not shown.~

Accusations are made,
To place the blame on others.
And everyday...
Someone feels betrayed,
Because their chosen life to live...
Has become affected by those choices.
And everyday...
Those with kept selfish ways,
Can not accept what they've done to themselves.
To regret but kept...

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