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I tell myself I want to go into politics
I sit at the screen like I am stuck there
Fascinated, with the idea that I am a part of the men in the suits
Who run my country and tell me
Democracy only works when it works for everyone
I am everyone
I was born everyone
My grandmother took me to the polls
She looks down from the boxes and says
I was here when
Democracy only works when it works for
She says
You are not everyone
But grandma
Of course I am everyone. I was born in this country
I am a citizen
I bleed red white and blue
I breathe stars and stripes
You are not everyone
It takes me years to know what that means
I am afraid after the results of the election
I remember asking how this happened
Grandma has passed, so there's no way for me to
Look to the heavens and reach for an answer
There is no gravity
Money makes the world go round
I say I want to go into politics
I say democracy works
But not like this
My voice is loud but
I could scream and they would miraculously
Become hard of hearing
Companies are not citizens
They may be born on this soil
But they have no flesh and blood
They don't sacrifice their lives so more
Hearts can keep beating
Yet they are everyone
They get to vote
They get to decide the future of my life
They get to command our legislators
And our executives and judges
They are the government
They are the United States of America
And I am angry
I am burning like melting wax
My voice is shrill
I am an alarm
Money might smother us
But fire only grows
Democracy can work
If it works for us

by Rose Dee

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A good start with a nice poem, Rose D. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.
Democracy only works when it works for Everyone...beautiful expression! Loved reading your poem which is quite insightful! You may like to read my poem 'Ode to My Conscience'. Thank you