Everyone is the same
yet everyone is different

Everyone gets scared
everyone has fears
everyone has been affraid
everyone has shed tears

Everyone who lives
has thought about love
everyone who wonders
has peered up above

Everyone has overcome hate
everyone struggles to forgive
everyone has had a heated debate
they just can't seem to win

Everyone gets ill
everyone has to sleep
everyone wants to feel special
-no one wants to be sold cheap-
-no one! -

Everyone gets pain
everyone experiences sadness
everyone has a chain
..a chain of madness
-yes everyone-

Everyone has been angry
everyone has been dissapointed
everyone has been hungry
everyone has been dehydrated

Everyone gets older
everyone becomes wiser
everyone gets colder
as winter draws closer

Everyone wants what they want
everyone expects their needs
everyone would like to be remembered
for their talents and fine deeds

Everyone has something to offer
-everyone is different-
so share something good with someone
everyone has something good to share


by Allen Steble

Comments (2)

well said. man and his feeling is more or less same............ rgrds/salu
SO TRUE i love it.. Great piece KRISTA