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Everyone Around Me Dies

The sky has turned black,
Too many times have I watched others die?
My friends look at me with smiles on their faces,
Telling me all will be ok,
But deep inside I slowly die,
Blaming myself for their deaths,
My best friend died when I was younger,
But her death haunts me,
Like a reoccurring nightmare,
Threatening to consume every last piece of my soul,
It is then a few years later that they call and tell me,
My uncle is fading away day by day,
His three daughters don’t care,
Only wanting his money,
I realize that I haven’t spent much time with him,
And all those years that slipped by,
I can never replace,
So hard it hits me,
Cutting like a knife through my very heart,
Sometimes I wonder if I am even alive,
I look to the sky for answers,
But it gives me none,
The choice to choose life over death,
Is before me,
And I don’t know what to choose,
No god can stop the pain ripping through me,
It’s as if no longer can I live,
Even my grandfather,
Died before my eyes,
Oh the pain of seeing him in so much pain,
Only few people I trust,
And when I place trust in them they leave…..
Maybe I should join them…

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