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Everyone Does It
( / Connecticut)

Everyone Does It

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

It is difficult to refuse the creating,
Of excuses to make.
This addiction becomes an ownership.
A habit others expect that reflects upon,
One's credibility and absence of confidence.
With a doing to perceive everyone does it.

People in denial,
Find a hiding behind told lies...
Think nothing of a deception done,
As an activity everyone does to do...
To perfect and keep treasured.
Regardless of who's life is affected,
By what has become one's best possession.

'What a broad and generic judgement to make.
I happen not to fit in 'that' category.'

I apologize for my observations.
Perhaps I have been a bit opinionated.
There are only a few, like you...
Who will admit the telling of the truth.
How do you manage to do that?

First of all...
A lie becomes a 'lie' if one is caught,
In the telling of it.
And I have found that if I pretend with innocence,
I don't know anything?
Often I am left to be believed.'

You are still deceiving.

'Who? '


'Not if I accept my own deception.
And everybody does it anyway.'

Where is your sense of kept integrity?

'I've told you the truth.
At least cut me some slack,
For admitting to you what it is I do.
And you aint 'gon find too many who do that.
With or without 'integrity'.'

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