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Everyone Else (Mean Nothing To Me)
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Everyone Else (Mean Nothing To Me)

Your opinon nor your demeanor Affects me in Any Way
The shrug of your Shoulder
The cringe of your lip
Not even your clear disapproving can change my thoughts

I won't change my mind or my attitude
It will forever remain the same
What you say cannot change me
What they say cannot move me

Everybody else's opinons do not effect mine
Shout it off the rooftops if you must
I stand firm on my belief
Not even the world can change me

See if you can rearrange me
Why would I care about everybody else?

You need only to care about yourself
For the moment you start to care about everybody else you loose
Only hypocrites forget themself to fit in with everybody else


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Yes, very often we are driven to this state of mind by the society!