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On Gambling
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On Gambling

Poem By Sadiqullah Khan

Do you realize how many poems I've seen,
That you have written?

How many have you actually 'read'? '

You are not aware of this at all?
I read a few but not all.

'I am aware that I am a writer.
Not an accountant.
Nor someone who sets limits,
To achieve a final goal.
Or someone seeking to impress.

Each day presents its own personality.
I'm learnig to appreciate quality and not quantity.
There is something about life I more understand each day.
My personal awareness of 'that' is what I keep addressed.'

So what is that?
If you don't mind me asking?

'I know I am not alone...
Even though I perceive I am on my own!
I hear voices clearly say to me,
Everyone here is working hard for you.
That you must believe.'

I see.
And that makes you produce quality you don't notice?
An involvement you keep distanced?

'I did not say I didn't notice the quality.
Painfully that's done.
I don't put my sights on 'quantity'.
I don't want to overwhelm.
As much as I choose to stun!
And that takes paying attention to everyone! '

Like the voices heard in your head?

'You see...
You're trying to take this somewhere else.
And what you are 'attempting' to imply...
I'm not wasting any more of my time to listen to!
Read more than you do.
And if there is any comprehension to communicate,
You need not announce that to me! '

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