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Everyone I Knew
( / Connecticut)

Everyone I Knew

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

No one I knew had been given a public format,
With a getting of undivided attention...
From many willing to listen,
To their discomforting irritations...
That brought upon them temporary agonies.
We 'then' lived to love a pursuing to do.

No one I knew,
Had everything at their fingertips...
To live without wants or dreams to fulfill.
No one I knew had fast cash like that.
Or parents to depend upon,
To chase away those fears to sweeten the facts.

No one I knew,
Who grew up in tenement projects...
Sat to await for someone that would protect,
The taunts from bullies with this expected.
We fought fearing not to gain some respect.
Knowing if we didn't our parents would get upset.

No one I knew who grew to know hard times to accept,
Did absolutely nothing to achieve success.
Everyone I knew,
Who took steps to do their very best...
Got up off their butts to do it to prove it can be done.
IF that's what they wanted with it tasted to come.

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I love it! Sounds like what my Father used to tell me! Great stuff!