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Everyone Is Looking To Impress
( / Connecticut)

Everyone Is Looking To Impress

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Check this out!

After spending nearly fourty or more years,
With a giving to a cause, belief...
Or a creative activity one has donated,
Without expectations to receive an acknowledgement.
And fighting against obstacles of deception and pretense,
Leaving it all to be documented with time spent to convince.
Am I the only one left to perceive,
Someone in this position owes nothing to anyone...
If the doing not to admit has provided others a benefit.

'Who has done that intentionally? '

Only a very few.
That's why I asked you,
To check this out!

'Maybe people aren't aware of it.'

And maybe...
Who knows?
That 'may' have been the purpose.
For them not to know.
But to eventually discover it.

'Some seek attention.
And others let their deeds speak for themselves.'

Yeah but...
Who has done that intentionally?
Everyone is looking to impress.
Or seeking it to address.

Everyone is? '

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every one is good one, I like it. thanks.