ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

To Elements

The charred bodies were washed away
The delight of being on earth
The pilot made the last desperate effort
To lift this heavy weight upwards
In the clouds was hidden the deep bed
Of eternal silence under a heavy downpour

Who lifts us so on the revolving earth
On the fearsome sun and the night moon
Who then pilots the whole universe
That has not come across any error
So much knowledge we humans are born with

Are there any clouds on the way
It might be dying inside our own selves
It might then be living much longer

Are the elements to return to elements
Is this pain a joy to endure
The elements shall mix and remix may be in soul
What is not known to us we attribute to nature
To fate we look and to love for inspiration
And to meet somewhere in world hereafter


(On the fatal plane crash in Islamabad, on July 28,2010.)

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