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Everyone Likes Poems Written By Themselves..

Why do you read Rumi?
They ask

All I can say is,
Beyond the ‘ you-me’
I am Rumi
As proof I offer,
his verses spoken
Through my heart

At times,
We are Shams, our Friend
At others,
Qamar, and Najma, too

And that is why
The sun, the moon
The stars twinkling
in the sky
And of course, Rumi and I
Love reading our words,
Again and again.

Looking for the Self..

I reach out for Jesus
And he smiles at me
From the mirror
I search for Rama
And find him serene
In my heart
When I call Krishna
Who I hold so dear
All I hear
Is my response
And so it goes
From door to door
I seek Buddhas galore
Looking for my Self

Kishore Asthana

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