Everyone Loves A Limerick

There was a hot lady from Humber.
Who taught her sugar daddy how to rumba!
As he moved his hips
he no doubt had his chips
and became the mortuary's next number.

I remember dear Maude Skinner
Who ate beans, every night for dinner.
When she ate enough,
she would start to puff
and everyone was a winner.

There once was a drunk from Dover
who fell asleep in the clover.
he woke up and said,
what's this on my head
The cows had splattered him all over.

There was a sweet Miss from Kent
who got into trouble with her rent.
she spent all her cash
on nothing but trash
and now she's fasting for Lent.

by sylvia spencer

Comments (2)

I love limericks, they lift the spirit, and give a smile. Love Ernestine XXX
Dear Sylvia This is great fun, love the humour! A little light hearted goes along way.Love Duncan