Everyone's Got Issues...Welcome To Mine

Broken girl
Damaged inside
So practiced at pretending
That every thing's alright

Robbed of her childhood
He stripped her innocence away
Replaced it with a dirty little secret
That would leave her forever changed

In silence she suffers
Building walls a mile high
Another attempt to convince herself
That she hasn't lost all control of her life

Her world full of darkness
A little girl alone, full of fear
Learning there's comfort in numbness
No longer allows herself to feel

The story is far from over
Just tucked safely away for a while
One day she will face her demons
As the mourning begins, finally she'll cry

by Angel Marie

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Excellent sad poem about how men, fathers, uncles, brothers, cousins, neighbors, teachers, etc., people who should be trustworthy, act as predators and often destroy the souls of young women through unspeakable acts.