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Everyones Happy
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Everyones Happy

So this is how it ends,
You're happy,
I'm happy,
He's happy,
We're all happy.

It wasn't meant to be and we can live with that,
You can have him back,
And whether we continue to dislike eachother doesn't matter,
I don't particularly care.

All that matters is that i'm free of any connection with you,
Me and him remain friends,
And everyone's happy again.

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Comments (5)

Oh right i see, well i guess they say theres always more than one person going through the same thing at the same time.
I have a friend who broke up with her boyfriend the other day, and its asif she wrote this.
Thanks guys :) appriciated....really graham?
this is a very heartfelt poem.. I liked it a lot! Especially the second part was superb! well done HBH
wow, you sound like someone i know here; spooky. Good Write