Not letting go of the past love,
Yet i feel my heart has moved on..
For a belief moment, I can see..
All the things that has happened to me..

Lost love, Lost friends, Family..
Lost of interest.. in everything.. and anything.

I guess i've changed.

But holdin on.. is never a good thing..
so today..
Is the day..
I let go of everything...

(or at least ill try...)

by Dislocated Heart

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what a deep poem. the progression from not letting go but trying to after your hearts moved on is natural and thoughtful/thought provoking. the loss of everything as it's own stanza makes it really stand out and the single line in the middle, 'I guess I've changed.', is a real turning point, a realization that a lot of people have trouble understanding and accepting i'm not sure if holding on is never a good thing, i think under certain circumstances it can be, but the idea of being able to let go (or trying) to let go of everything is beautiful