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everyday we spent together we held hands
every night we held each other we kissed
now everyday i'm alone and i don't understand
why its my one true love that i miss
my hands no longer have anything to do
i stand alone at night wishing you were there to hold me
i no longer lay down because all i do is get memories of you
i'm am all alone, and old and my hands are cold
i wish i could take back every night we fought
i wish i could take away every tear i made you shed
all our memories have been erased from all thought
and my heart has stopped and my spirit is dead
i loved you yesterday, i still love you today, and can
love you enough for tomorrow
i'll love you always more then forever
and i pray your future without me has no sorrow
my life is empty now that we're no longer together
so our belief in for worse or better
i am all alone, and old and my hands are cold

by James Ford Jr

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