Everything But That

Poem By Cheryl Adair

talk with me
walk with me
laugh with me
dance with me
dream with me
sing with me
learn with me
hope with me
pray with me
stay with me
be friends with me
till the end with me
just don't try to love me
because it cannot be done

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In Honor Of Love

as we are eternally bound by love
destined to walk the road of life
as we vow to be forever true
i will hold you close to me

Dark Eyes

you come to me now and offer to share
you hold out your hand so i'll think you care
you tell me you're sorry and you just didn't know
that i was waiting and that i needed you so

The Aftermath

in the distance i can hear
the approach of the planes
bringing their fiery death
which they dropp like rain

This Heart

Somewhere past the setting sun
close to where the rivers run
Wrapped in cloaks of evergreen
never heard and never seen


when you hear the summer rain falling
falling softly on the leaves
when you think you hear a memory calling
mingled faintly on the breeze

Crystal Dreams

I had a dream of you
and your crystal blue eyes
I stepped inside your soul
and I knew you for a moment