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Everything Can End
JH (4-17-96 / Hutchinson, Kansas)

Everything Can End

Life can end with a single touch,
disturbed by a little thing as such.
A death, a sickness, a sudden lack of wealth,
lack of love, of family, a random dropp of health.
All of these and more can cause distress in a person.
But they don't understand how much this can worsen.
Some have high lives, and are effected the most.
But most are better off and have little to boast.
No one ever has a simple, perfect life.
Even when they think so, there is still some point of strife.
Where if pointed at just right, they will collapse.
And time will pass around them, and other's lives with elapse.
Every soul has a weakness. Every heart has a fault.
And if left alone. It will not exhault.
To extreme measures or sizes, where it's extremely toxic.
And then they will die. Their heart left with a large wick.
If lightened, if lit, the countdown begins.
And then every soul in this world shall realize their sins.
At that time, at that moment, the world shall fall down.
Weighed by the sheer number of imperfections set upon its ground.
The Earth becomes Hell. Heaven trades with Earth.
And Hell dissapears. But for all that its worth.
The order is gone, sanity's now a waste.
With every single heart and demon replaced.
There's a mixture of creatures all over the place.
The angels run rampid in worry and fear.
The demons are depressed for their home is nowhere near.
And for the few humans still left,
they simply sit there and they cry with their clefts
Left in their hearts that no longer bleed.
Due to the complete destruction of their very creed.
So when they try to end it all, to pass on to Heaven.
Their souls leave their bodies, but they simply do not leaven.
They return to their bodies, now staind with blue blood.
And then a huge wave appears, the start of a flood.
The buildings are drowned, the people are crushed.
And all because of one person. When will it be enough?
But now that person never will be, never is, never was.
And the reason for this is mainly because.
She could no longer accept life, living without being.
So she killed herself in fright as soon as it was beggining.
It's all her fault, yet she was never here.
Went out of existance due to her fear.
Of beeing blamed, of the guilt, of the incredible pain.
And her name is now cursed, hopeless for her to feel shamed.
And not too long afterwards everything ends.
Light, nothingness, and darkness all make amends.
Fate is destroyed, pain is a void.
Nothing is, nothing was, nothing shall ever be once more.
All because of one girl, who was heartless to the core.

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