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Everything Changed


Noise of wars from Syria to Afghanistan do not alarm me
Terrorism in the West is alien to my territory
Fiery darts of death can't stand my shield
For the rock had been my refuge
Famine and inflation have never crossed my borders
I lie in green pastures and drink from the purest tributary
My clothing is made from the best tapestry
To reap from where I didn't sow mystifies me
I haven't known the colours of fear, doubt, anxiety, depression and hate all my life
Like an ambassador, I have immunity from heat and cold
I see the future descends from the cloud like lighting
Before harvest, I had known perfect quietude until the Maker told me ‘this day have I begotten thee'
And everything changed
Suddenly, the future of my head is now present reality
Like a blaze, I live with the fear of my hate
My haven is threatened and destroyed by my kin
Hit with daily needs, my life is as a shadow of the past
Wandering from east to west, I'm tortured by the scar of my mind
Like the proverbial sage, I concur, ‘the old is better'
All because, everything changed

by Isaac Tiamiyu

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