Everything Except That Slovenly Jar In Tennessee

A crooked flight flown by a broken crow
gathers all the attentions of the otherwise indifferent

Staring up at the sky
there are bright stars there just waiting for your eyes

Twenty snowy mountains frozen and impassive
calmly waiting in the wilderness
An anecdote

just outside the bullseye of the crosshairs

by Lantz Pierre

Comments (1)

Your first stanza is a perfect parallel to the Stevens poem, because just as the jar makes everything secondary to it in Tennessee - it has dominion, it civilizes wild things, it is the cynosure - so your crow GATHERS ALL THE ATTENTIONS. That's the power of art in Stevens's world. But your second stanza suggests human beings can be equally transfixed by something natural, i.e. the stars waiting to be admired. I've been a faithful reader of Stevens for 42 years. I don't panic anymore, just let the words wash over me. He said it best: THE VIVID TRANSPARENCE YOU BRING IS PEACE.