Everything Falls

everything falls to pieces
if it reaches a point and time
and i thought there was no stronger love
then the love of he and i

i thought that we could prove our love was true
unlike that of others
but it seems i didnt know
what was going through the mind
of the man i loved so blindly

it seemed my dear lover
had eyes for another
and the love that he gave me
slowly and vagueley
left the place from my heart

by madalina georgescu

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A poem that is so full of feeling, a feeling that I have known only too well.It is at times like these that the world seems as if it has stopped and that we have been suspended in some way. But we must not give in, we as humans are capable of such things and are by no means perfect, we owe it to ourselves to pick ourselves up, look at the situation and learn as much as possible from it even if it does not seem possible in the moment then we must KEEP GOING! Love to you Madalina, and whatever you do, don't give up, Love Duncan