Everything Hurts

Poem By Scarred Unknown

So I know the one stanza is bad rhyming in particular but it was a really emotional poem that I needed my point across.. he'll understand...

Everything I do
Ends up involving you
Every move I make
Seems like another mistake

I don’t know what to do
All I wanted was you happy
Yet all I ever seem to do
Is hurt you and wind up snappy

I don’t make you happy
When it’s all I ever wanted
Another moment passing
I’m still being haunted

I hate that I get jealous
After each and every thought
I picture you with her
And am left distraught

Everywhere I look recalls it all
A hat, sunglasses, a photo on my wall
Nothing can compare to it like the song
“Romeo save me I’ve been feeling so alone”

Every moment gets harder
Every word you say stings farther
It takes all my strength
To hold out another day

And I know I shouldn’t feel this way
I know I shouldn’t say what I say
But no matter how I try and try
Every night I seem to cry

Comments about Everything Hurts

A refined poetic imagination, Scarred U. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.
love it... as i do everything you write...

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