BH (07-30-81 / Buffalo, New York)

Everything I Do

I can't love you,
no matter how I try.
You are better off without me,
because of everything I do.

You are beautiful,
stunning in your flaws.
I look inside myself,
seeing the dark side of me.

I still think of you,
after all this time.
In the dead of night when I awaken,
all I think of is you.

It can't be love;
it must be lust.
My thoughts are a mix of a saint and sinner,
because of everything I do.

Best we part ways,
before I learn the truth in my heart.
Walk away while my back is turned,
I can't watch you leave.

I will feel the loss,
ripping me apart.
I will finally see the truth and why it could never be,
it's because of everything I do.

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