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Talking To Grief
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Talking To Grief

Poem By Denise Levertov

Dip your dreams in the slain blood society has poured
In the vampire streets of dying innocence,
Where hoodlums and whores practice gratuitous violence in the soulless city,
Where angels never existed and fallen roses from a lover’s bouquet
Have thorns sharper than razor blades
And mercilessly pierce
Everyone naively moving
To a destiny of eventual extinction;
Families perish beside Christmas trees
In perpetual fragility.
On the eve of disintegration,
Shattered ornaments
Rip into the flesh of unloved children
And empty stockings turn into a hangman’s noose,
Nightmares explode into hopeless minds
With blinding visions of fear,
Everything I hate is real,
And everything I love has disappeared.

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Comments (11)

I really dig the imagery in this poem (especially the vampire streets of dying innocence) , but I can't help wanting to give you a big Christmas hug! Must be the egg nog. Cheers, Lori
How exquisite are these words. I am left speechless...and breathless. I want more.
Dear Uriah, no truer words have been spoken..those closing lines bring a beautiful anguish to my heart, how can we feel so much and go on living? ' how do you wake and how do you dream? do you ever ask yourself? do you pray for stillness? ' wonderfully written my friend...much respect
Uriah, I shan't sleep tonight, worrying about you. Try some relaxation music, or a 'comedy' film, anything to take your mind of all this. Love Ernestine
Oh Uriah! ! ! ! ! ! raynette