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Everything Is Beautiful And Cool On A Friday Night
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Everything Is Beautiful And Cool On A Friday Night

Poem By Uriah Hamilton

If you see me roaming Woodward Avenue
Down by the Majestic Theater,
I’ll be humming a song and digging the homeless,
Taking in the delicious aroma of pizza
Baking in the storefront,
Gazing at the young women and men
Drinking beer at outdoor tables
As conversations filter from the bowling alley.

I’ll laugh my ass off if a fight breaks out,
Everything is beautiful and cool on a Friday night,
Even the paramedics and cops smile
As their sirens wail and flash,
An old man takes his cane and smacks another
And it is all divine hi jinks
That a fun-loving God condones.

This city has been in decline for some time,
Dirty buildings and streets that often seem
Like a lonely ghost town,
But I can find just enough life around the corner
From the college to make it all sparkle
With the excitement of music and poetry
Interwoven with the inexhaustive heartbeats of desire.

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Comments (11)

This is a fun one I seem to have missed when I was in N.Y. this summer.
Hey, Max, I'm talking Woodward Avenue Detroit, the Majestic is one of my favorite rock venues.
hell, you don't need *my* approval, look at 'em lined up under here! I too was really drawn in. A couple lines in the last stanza aren't quite as magical for me as all the rest. Woodward Avenue, let's see, Cleveland? Columbus? Atlanta? Oh, well, doesn't matter to the poem, I just love picturing cities. But hell, you can't reply now, man...IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT! : -)
Uriah...this is just one of those poems that stay with you. I was in the picture and could see it all. Great power in the details and the atmosphere...it's all about passion and breath!
This is surely one of your best, Uriah. It has some fresh imagery...stuff that we all see but never take it in. I like your take on all of it. Keep writing! Raynette