KA (May,14 / Pensylvannia)

Everything Is Going To Be Okay...

This little girl i knew,
grew up confused and abused,
This innocent child was frequently used.

She had no one to guide her,
and no one to hide her,
causing pain and fear to grow inside her.

She never ran,
and she'd never hide,
she'd just sit there...confused inside.

She never told until one night,
he was coming back,
and she was filled with fright.

'I should have been there'
her mother said,
as crazy thoughts filled her head.

But, the little girl did not wish him dead,
she was confused...
and prayed the news would not spread.

Some how it did,
and she was protected,
but in several ways she also was rejected.

Rejection confused her,
she did not want to lose her,
her former best friend now thinks shes a loser.

A lier, a slut,
anything but,
The confused little girl that she was.

Down the road she took the wrong path,
You do the math,
She took the WRONG path.

She'd use and abuse,
And she'd try to refuse,
the help that she needed to get.

The help was forced upon her,
and she started to wander,
if everything would soon be ok...

Shes still hanging in there,
she's still alive,
although she is wounded,
she's starting to thrive.

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..............good one Kaycee.
this poem is touching in the saddest way =[.... but i see the picture good poem =]