Everything Smells Of You

Outside, the rainfall hopelessly
spreads your aroma.
Everything smells of you tonight!
Love, everything smells of you!

I love the perfume of your body,
because it is made with essences
concentrated of your soul.
I love the scent of your body
in the morning, in the afternoon and in the night.

I love your sweaty body-
of a hard-working and good woman.
I love the perspiration of your body with savor and salt.
I love the aroma of an in-love woman
because it has the chemistry
that ties our destinies forever.

Do you know?
In our home everything smells of you:
The hidden corners of the home
they keep your aroma,
our room in dimness, in days like this,
intensifies your fragrance;

the pillow that every night dances
with the uncombed curls of your lovely hair,
and, of course, our bed!
Faithful witness to our nights of love
and, also, of sadness and crying.

In our house everything smells of you-
although you are not!
Everything smells me of you, tonight,
darling, everything smells me of you!

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hey enrique alberto hurtado minotta love this poem tell me do you write when you feel the emotion or do you work on it a long time.