AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )

Everything That Will Not Change

I want to remember the world this way:
The light, steadfast on the windowsill,
a breathless sky and the autumn as beautiful
as it is bitter.

The way it was just yesterday
when you held me against your chest, against
a backdropp of sunset: so many colors
evolving into darkness- rearranging themselves
into the first evening shadows.

I want to sleep with the memory of you
still fresh inside of my head, and the scent
of your kisses still clinging to my lips.
Your eyes: cathartic pools I wish I could dive into,
to drown myself in their prismatic vision.

How does it feel to see the world, to see life
through a third eye?

I wish I could see beyond my sorrow and live
beyond my darkness- then I’d see myself
not entirely unraveled, but tearing at the seams
to become something more, something other than
the girl with a big smile to sacrifice to the world,
who will always be just a little bit sad.

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Amberlee, your work never fails to stun and sadden me - but when I say sadden I mean it in the best possible poetic way. The way you describe human emotion in your poems is rare, very rare indeed. It is inspirational reading. All the best, Seán.
I disagree with Mr. Hassler. I think the line he cited as depth and character. Once again, a fine poem!
I liked your poem alot. It reminded me somewhat of what I write about.
this is outstanding, Amberlee. especially the first few stanzas. very similar to anybody's fond memories. just a suggestion, you could omit the line 'How does it feel to see the world, to see life through a third eye? ' and still keep the momentum going flawlessly. well done! Jake
A little bit sad, but redeemed by poetic beauty! Thanks again for your thoughtful work!
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