Ocean Floor

And like the ocean,
I was swept away
Spoiled wave after wave.

Spoiled in the most conceptual depth,
That I'll never breath again

Sinking to the bottom of her heart
No longer separated by the shore

I swell in blossom,  
knowing to plummet

Much like the ocean,
May I too rest in coral
Tucked between the current
Nestled at the bottom of her heart

by Kewayne Wadley

Comments (5)

this is good, though words like gods concubine and embracing sensuality for me kinda ruin just a little bit, the poems too positive for it to get totaly ruin, its spiritual feel, u are one talented writer
'Be grateful but claim not ownership of what belongs to God' -an excellent poem...Bob Dylan talks about 'too much of nothing' and you remind us of whats important I am wishing you joy-Pia
This is so nice Ray. You're exactly right, those things mean so little when it all comes down to it. Just 'being' should be enough...the rest takes care of itself. Great poem. Sincerely, mary
Guess its better to have everything to lose than nothing to live for. Moyax
Wonderful, good advice and good insight. They do not make luggage racks on hursts. Born in the world with nothing, leave with nothing. Patricia Gale