'Everything To Lose'

(A Prayer)

'When you have, everything,
You have everything, to lose'

In any given moment...
Release all things material,
Wrest free, be liberated
Soar to heights heretofore,
restricted by the pull of gravity
Set down oppressive weight,
that rests on weary shoulders

Live simply to simply live
Know that all you need,
Is provided by God and His
Concubine…Mother Earth

Rejoice in the wonders of Eden
A place where Light Beings descend
Incarnating to embrace sensuality
Partaking in the gifts of their Creator

Let not one moment pass without
appreciating the world around you,
Be grateful, but claim not ownership
of what belongs to God

Precious are your moments on Earth,
Precious are your hearts and souls,
Precious be God’s Life Force within you

Thank you Ben Harper for your inspiration and title of this poem


by Ray Lucero

Comments (5)

this is good, though words like gods concubine and embracing sensuality for me kinda ruin just a little bit, the poems too positive for it to get totaly ruin, its spiritual feel, u are one talented writer
'Be grateful but claim not ownership of what belongs to God' -an excellent poem...Bob Dylan talks about 'too much of nothing' and you remind us of whats important I am wishing you joy-Pia
This is so nice Ray. You're exactly right, those things mean so little when it all comes down to it. Just 'being' should be enough...the rest takes care of itself. Great poem. Sincerely, mary
Guess its better to have everything to lose than nothing to live for. Moyax
Wonderful, good advice and good insight. They do not make luggage racks on hursts. Born in the world with nothing, leave with nothing. Patricia Gale