Everything Will Be Fine

When the heart refuses to forget
A love that left it in disarray,
When memories come knocking at the door
But the heart cannot turn them away;
Though your pain survives a deluge of wine,
Try not to despair, everything will be fine

When petals fall from the withered rose,
And from its face is gone morning's glow,
The grief-stricken bee fondly recalls
The sweet nectar that once used to flow;
But soon a new rose invites him to dine -
He succumbs, knowing everything will be fine

When dreams grow weak and struggle for breath,
In angst we cry "Why must it be so? "
But never discard your dying dreams -
Gather them close, and don't let them go!
Though in defeat we're tempted to resign,
If we persevere, everything will be fine

The mind and heart are but mortal things,
Subject to erosion and decay;
The haughty will is conquered by Time,
Old memories die and fade away;
But once we've made it to the finish line,
Peace awaits there, and everything will be fine

And the loved ones we have missed and mourned
Will bear witness to a simple truth:
Love does not die, but is eternal,
Like the golden hopes and dreams of youth;
We'll witness Death's role in this Grand Design,
As angels chant "You're home now..... everything's fine! "

by Lora Colon

Comments (3)

But never discard your dying dreams - .............bri says: kick But in its butt and get it gone! ! ! BUT...your last stanza makes up for your earlier slovenliness! ! ! ! hee-hee ha ha ha! ! ! An now my day is complete, as i've been able to use the word slovenliness! ! ! bri :) H.N.Y.
A beautifully crafted write. Very inspiring piece.
Beautiful! A brilliant poem! Thanks for sharing Lora.