Prep, goth, punk, geek
slut, stupid, loser, freak.
Society dictates who we are.
They cause our heartace,
we're left with scars.
I hate all the labels,
I hate all the names.
All they do is cause suffering and pain.

The goth wears black,
has piercings and tattoos.
But when she goes home,
She gets abused.
She wears all black
to match her bruise.

The prep, she's a cheerleader,
homecoming queen
She's got a reputation for being mean.
She goes for a ride in her boyfriends car.
Who is he? The football star.
When they go out, she is abused
she wears the makeup to hide her bruise.

The geek, they wear glasses,
they feel so alone,
they try to hide in their own little zone.
When they go to school,
they get abused.
Yeah, life sucks.
But what else is new?

We aren't so different, you and me.
You may be a slut,
You may be a freak,
You may be a prep,
You may be ageek,
You may be a goth,
You may be a priss.
None of that matters.
What matters, is
We all need help.
We're all the same.
We all get abused.
We all get called names.

by jennifer hall

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