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TAR (8-8-91 / Fresno California)


Poem By tHeNameLeSs23drea Andrea Rivera

Every time I look in to your eyes
My insides are just filled with butterflies
I cant help but smile
You’re the reason staying is so worthwhile
I try to be as positive as I can
But im not. I hate that im not the one to hold your hand
I can barley speak in front of you, because im so shy
But I do really want you to be my guy
I want to be the one who comforts you
Tell you everything’s alright no matter what you do
Let me know your there, that to you I am a concern
That’s I want that in return
Ill have so much regret, ill go insane
What will it be like if I kiss you
All I know is how much I will miss you
I cant get these questions out of my head
But when I do think about it with embarrassment I turn so red
I cant help but think about all this mess Ive made
But later in life ill still wonder what if I stayed? .

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